Frame making

First time for everything!.
First time making frames for me. Mine are a simple pine wooden frame.

I mitred the edge out so the painting sits in nicely. Had to instil the help of my husband for correct measurements and a helping hand. He showed me how to use the router which was easy enough. I found a framing hand saw on gumtree for $30 and it works fine, cutting a nice 45degree angle. It took a couple of hours to get the frames right. Now i know why frames are so expensive!!. They are time consuming, measuring, cutting, routing, sanding, glueing, stapling, then comes undercoat paint, top coat and sealer!

Mmmm, wonder if its going to be worth it? Im going to do 3, a white, black and gold one as standard frames to choose from. I will get better at it no doubt. At the moment im only at the sanded stage but everything measured up eventually!! Whew!

I have a fear of failing, like most of us do! However, I persevere and keep going! Onwards and upwards I say!

I now have to learn how to join the frames with staples and I’m presuming a bit of glue? Then comes the painting! Ugh! I hope for no runs in the paint! Lol

For pics and video’s go to and follow the link in the menu bar.

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