JULY 2023

Hi again,

This month I’d like to talk about picture framing! Yes I’m making my own frames or at least giving it a go! I’m making three frames and painting one in black, one white and one gold metallic, so hopefully they will look good. The aim is to give people a small range of colours in frames for those who don’t want to be bothered with getting the painting framed.

I have learnt how to mitre a 45deg edge with a $30 framing saw I picked up from gumtree. I’ve learnt how to use a router so my paintings sit nicely in the wood frame. Next I’m to glue them, staple them then paint in undercoat and the colour of paint I choose. So there is a fair bit of work involved in frames and now I realise why they are so costly! My frames are a simple pine frame that will suit a small painting. I haven’t attempted a big frame yet but I will get there! Next I want to learn how to box a floating frame! Talk about give things a go! I have my trusty husband for guidance.

I have done a few paintings since I last spoke to you. Pictured below.

More beach scenes. Concentrating on perfecting my surf!

This is at Corner Inlet in Victoria and has no surf and is quite calm. A lady is throwing a stick with her dog.

For more of my latest work, head over to my website, or if you feel like a bargain, head over to my eBay page and put a bid in! You will get a great deal!

Cheers for now, Margie

May 2023

Hi everyone!

Im a tad late with the newsletter this month due to family commitments that I had to take care of.  Along with that I haven’t painted for FOUR weeks!!! I’m hanging to get into the studio as I have a couple of portraits to try out. Now, Im not a portrait painter but I’ll give it a go.  Stay tuned on that one.

Congratulations to this quarter’s free painting draw winner, Dee During from Victoria!

Dee won the spin and was very happy to receive it. For the video of the painting on my utube channel: @margielangtip4611 to view it.

I have three miniatures in a local Miniature Art Show at the Yarram Courthouse Gallery for the month of May. Now if you live around South Gippsland or are travelling through, be sure to drop in and check out the exhibition plus a craft store that sells all things craft, blown glass, sheet metal work, carvings ( and my cards and watercolours ) are on display.

Anyway, check out a few of my works below and some neurographic art that I do from time to time using pens and pencils. I hope you like it.  Please feel free to contact me on my email at: newsletter@margielangtip and just say hi.

For a full wrap up of my art please check out my website at

You can also go to my eBay account and bid for a painting! You never know you may end up with a bargain.  

Welcome to 2023!! I hope you all had a great holiday period and a happy and safe New Year! Did you make any resolutions? I did. I made three!

First was to get this newsletter out to everyone with the new year special of the DISCOUNT GIFT VOUCHER. Next was to get my website up and running and thirdly is to paint, paint, and paint!! I have joined an online course with Rod Moores Art Academy so hopefully I will be turning out some great works in the coming months. Currently I’m working on a large abstract painting and three miniature arts of Wilson’s Promontory for a Miniatures in May exhibition. Once they’re finished I will post them in the next newsletter.

I recently sold a painting called Herefords at Sunrise. A small oil painting that I had painted a couple of years ago. I have also sold a watercolour. If you want to grab a bargain you can log in on my eBay store and place a bid on some art. They start as little as $10 so you could end up with a great painting for a small price! Great value! My eBay store address is: Just click on the link and it should take you straight there. If you have any troubles contact me via email,

I also have an Etsy shop, where I sell some of my art and quite a few original beautiful cards that sell well. Great value for $10 including postage.

SOLD to a NSW buyer. Herefords at Sunrise, oil on canvas, 30x40cm

Don’t forget to check out my new website (under construction but operable) at

Here is a voucher for you to use with your next purchase. I hope you like it. I need new ones as it contains old information but you are able to still use it. Just contact me first before you purchase to ensure you get the discount.

Koi Fish, Watercolour, Sold.

Until next time……………

Contact details: Margie Langtip 9 Old Hat Rd Foster Vic 3960 Australia

Email: Phone 0425 759 728 Website: