Roll on 2023

Well here we finally are, in 2023. Boy, didn’t last year just fly by! However, I’m ready for this coming year – well sort of. I’m doing a business course on running a website and art business. The art business one is relatively easy as I have a background in finance but setting up a new website is a doosey!! I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I’m up late into the night (early mornings) trying to figure out how to do it, hence this blog. This is a test run you see. Lol

This year I plan to move from a hobby artist to a part time artist but life (and setting up a website) gets in the way! I will have to try and divide my time up better. It is an exciting journey for me and I look forward to seeing my progress. Currently I am working on a large abstract based on neurographic art. I also hope to get a lot of email sign ups when I get that sorted.

Well, this blog is short and sweet. I don’t want to rattle on too much so I’ll say hoo roo for now.

Until next time………..

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