Tabletop Swamp, Litchfield NP, NT


Abstract of a swamp. Litchfield NP


Litchfield NP is a beautiful park to see in the Northern Territory of Australia. It has a lot to offer the traveller with ancient rocks and art and waterholes. I came across this swamp on my way to another destination. What a marvellous big swamp! I decided to do an abstract with the view of capturing the colours of the Northern Territory. This abstract painting packs a punch and stands out from the crowd with its vibrant and brilliant colours. Do you have a small space you want to brighten up or highlight? This is the painting for such a space.

Quality oil paints used on boxed canvas with the painting continuing around the edges. Has wire across the back.
Unframed, signed on front by artist.
-Certificate of Authenticity-

Please Note:This is a one-of-a-kind Original Oil Painting.

There is only this painting in the entire world.

The painting is sold unframed because the framing is a personal choice and you would want to choose your own frame so that it will blend in with your decor. This can be an emotional point in time and you want it to be perfect.

Investment-Quality Piece: A Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by the artist is included with this painting to guarantee its provenance. (Certificates of Authenticity are documents that accompany artwork and are used to verify the genuine nature of an artwork. These documents become especially important as artwork appreciates in value).

  •     Margie Langtip is an emerging Australian Artist that works from her own studio in Foster, Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, Australia. After being mentored for several years and taken several workshops, I have won small prizes in art shows and competitions. I am a contemporary traditional impressionist artist and are well known in my district and have sold globally as well as nationally. I am inspired by the original Australian and French impressionist painters.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 1 × 50 cm


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